Week 13 and I had 12 out of 15 last week, including a couple of exact scores! Stop it, I'm embarrassed.

Week 13 has me feeling lucky. I'm aiming for a clean sweep of games.

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Cowboys ($1.55) at Vikings ($2.30) Live on Duke TV 2.30pm 2nd December
Marc's pick: Cowboys 20, Vikings 17.

I'm not completely confident in this pick as the Cowboys seem to have forgotten what it's like to fail. The Vikings are at home and the more desperate side in this one. So one of two things happens - The Cowboys just run away with the lead or it's a gritty close grind. Take the Vikings on the point spread for safety.


Chiefs ($2.60) at Falcons ($1.45)
Marc's pick: Chiefs 24, Falcons 23.

Another close one, so close I've got two multis going this week and this is the game that splits them both. Put it this way, in pre-game probability metres they have the Chiefs as 52 percent favourites to win it, so it's dumb close. Point start Kansas +3.5 is a big ask but I've gone in with fingers crossed.

Lions ($3.00) at Saints ($1.35) Live at on Duke TV 7am 5th December
Marc's pick: Saints 33, Lions 27

Saints have come alive and Detroit can't stop the pass. It's going to be a high scoring affair with the Saints finishing on top.

Rams($6.00) at Patriots ($1.10)
Marc's pick: Patriots 33, Rams 10.

Why wouldn't it be? 86 per cent chance of winning on the probability metre so it's really just a question of how much.

Broncos ($1.47) at Jaguars ($2.55)
Marc's pick: Broncos 23, Jaguars 13.

Broncos defence need to and will fire up this week, that's how they get the 10-point win in Jacksonville.

Texans ($3.00) at Packers ($1.35)
Marc's pick: Packers 27, Texans 20.

The Packers are just doing this now to have a laugh. Yup they blew my multi out again last week beating the Eagles and looking like world beaters for the first time in four weeks. So what the heck... I'm backing the Pack once again.

Eagles ($1.92) at Bengals ($1.82)
Marc's pick: Eagles 23, Bengals 20.

I've backed Philly in a close one here. I find it hard to back a Green-less Bengals now.

Dolphins ($2.30) at Ravens ($1.57)
Marc's pick: Ravens 20, Dolphins 17.

I think the Ravens win this.... but I think the safest way to get in on this game is a Miami point start bet at +3.5, then you are covered for a field goal finish from the Ravens or a Miami win which could actually happen.

49ers ($1.95) at Bears ($1.80)
Marc's pick: Bears 27, 49ers 17.

In the battle of whom selects whom and at what pick during the next draft is up for grabs here. I pick the Bears to win in the end.

Bills ($2.30) at Raiders ($1.57)
Marc's pick: Raiders 26, Bills 21.

I've been backing the Raiders due to peer pressure form a few of you guys who follow the picks each week and it's been working. I think they do enough against the Bills this week.

Giants ($2.90) at Steelers ($1.37)
Marc's pick: Steelers 27, Giants 23.

This is the type of game that Eli thrives in. The younger brother of Peyton likes it when the people say he can't and they won't win this game. Eli you are not catching the Cowboys in your division and you're not beating the Steelers this weekend. Now let's sit back and watch what happens.

Washington ($2.20) at Cardinals ($1.62)
Marc's pick: Cardinals 20, Washington 13.

How disappointing have the Cardinals been so far? Time to start turning it around starting with a defence that gets to Kirk Cousins time and time again.

Buccaneers ($2.45) at Chargers ($1.50)
Marc's pick: Chargers 17, Buccaneers 10

I like the Chargers who I believe is the better team here.

Panthers (3.70) at Seahawks ($1.25) Live on Duke TV 2.30pm 5th December
Marc's pick: Seahawks 27, Panthers 17.

The Panthers don't have enough to win this game in front of the 12th Man in Seattle.

Colts ($1.80) at Jets ($1.95)
Marc's pick: Colts 37, Jets 20.

Colts coming out party as they prove I wasn't nuts in assuming they would win the AFC South division.