Week 12 and the Thanksgiving weekend gives us three Friday games. That's something to be thankful for.

So here is the round's winners, losers and a prediction of a big upset that can have you bragging to your mates.

Vikings ($2.00) at Lions ($1.79) Live on Duke TV 6:30am 25th Nov
Marc's pick: Lions 23, Vikings 20. - Two teams I don't want to put my betting reputation on! I will bet you this thou... it will be a close game... there will be drama late.... And the Lions will win by a field goal only!

Washington ($1.30)at Cowboys ($3.20) live on Duke TV 10:30am 25th Nov
Marc's pick: Cowboys 33, Washington 17. - Dak and Zek have held up their end of my picking them for sometime now... no reason to deviate.


Steelers ($1.25) at Colts ($3.70)
Marc's pick: Steelers 37, Colts 17. - Scott Tolzien, Heard of him? Neither.... But that's your Colts starting QB for this game. Luck out with concussion! Open up the flood gate folks.

Titans ($1.40) at Bears ($2.80)
Marc's pick: Titans 28, Bears 10. Titans would be even bigger favs if this game wasn't being played in Chicago... Titans will win this easily.

Jaguars ($3.70) at Bills ($1.25)
Marc's pick: Bills 23, Jaguars 17. - So the Bills aren't really good and the Jags aren't really bad! So the Bills win by a little bit.

Bengals ($2.55) at Ravens ($1.47)
Marc's pick: Ravens 13, Bengals 9. - The Bengals are without their starting running back and best receiver, this is what you call a team on the downward spiral. The Ravens are doing just enough to hang around in the division. They should win this one at home.

Cardinals ($2.60)at Falcons ($1.45)
Marc's pick: Falcons 33, Cardinals 27. - The Falcons should win this game and take the mantle as the league's new high flying passing circus against last season high flying passing circus Cardinals.

Giants ($1.30)at Browns ($3.30)
Marc's pick: Giants 20, Browns 10. - There is no evidence to suggest that the Giants who are rumbling along nicely, won't stop off in Cleveland for a win and leave again.

Rams ($3.50) at Saints ($1.27)
Marc's pick: Rams 23, Saints 20. - Upset Alert!!!! Saints' Defence let a little too many points in for the offence to peg back! Rams win in a close one! (Money maker)

49ers ($3.70)at Dolphins ($1.25)
Marc's pick: Dolphins 27, 49ers 17. - Still not entirely sure how good the Dolphins are, but I'm pretty sure they are good enough to beat the 49ers in Miami.

Chargers ($1.75) at Texans ($2.00)
Marc's pick: Chargers 27, Texans 17. - I don't like the Texans right now! A poor running game mixed in with a disappointing passing game makes for a poor result this week against the Chargers desperate to get a win!

Seahawks ($1.35) at Buccaneers ($3.00)
Marc's pick: Seahawks 27, Buccaneers 23. - Seahawks are looking like the best team in the NFC again, the Bucs have actually looked alright. Hawks to win in Tampa

Panthers ($2.30) at Raiders ($1.57)
Marc's pick: Raiders 20, Panthers 17. - I backed the Raiders last week and they didn't let me down! However! This is the type of game the Raiders would lose and the type of game the Panthers will win.... Tread carefully here folks.

Patriots ($1.27) at Jets ($3.50)
Marc's pick: Patriots 27, Jets 17. - The Jets fans will the this... but another lose to their hated rivals I'm sorry!

Chiefs ($2.30) at Broncos ($1.57)
Marc's pick: Broncos 13, Chiefs 10. - Winning the AFC West is dependent on this game.... Who will have the bragging rights? I say Von Miller and his army end up on top of a tough one.

Packers ($2.45) at Eagles ($1.50)
Marc's pick: Eagles 30, Packers 27. - So backing the Packers to bounce back have done very little for my TAB account of late.... Santa's sack won't be full of IPads and PlayStation thanks to A-rod and his merry packer men! Eagles better not let me down as well now!