Lindsey Vonn's relationship status has been the focus of much speculation since her highly-publicised split from Tiger Woods in May last year.

She was linked to Lewis Hamilton after sharing photographs of their ten pin bowling date on Snapchat last month, but while Vonn is once again dating a sports figure, it's not the Formula One ace.

The Olympic skier broke her silence on her relationship status Wednesday, posting a photo collage to Instagram in honour of Thanksgiving, saving the largest section for a shot of her cuddling up to her new love interest, "amazing boyfriend" Kenan Smith, an assistant receivers coach for the Rams.

"Tomorrow is thanksgiving so before my family gets here I want to take the time and give thanks," she wrote. "Even though I'm injured, again, I have so much to be thankful for; incredible friends, an amazing boyfriend, my family and a lot of loyal supporters."


So all is well in the life of the 32-year-old, who dated golf champion Woods for three years after the end of her four-year marriage to ex-husband Thomas Vonn, right?

Maybe not. A close inspection of the comments on her Instagram post revealed this potentially gamechanging revelation from an Emily Smith.

"That's funny because my best friend was his girlfriend of a year as of three weeks ago," Smith wrote. "The same girl he still tells he loves and wants her to wait on him to 'figure his life out' ... Weird. He's so 'amazing'."

For Vonn's sake we hope it's just a troll trying to stir up trouble. But if it's not, and Vonn reads her comments, her new man may have some explaining to do.