The "worst miss ever" phrase often gets thrown around - but this effort from Serbia's fourth tier is undoubtedly a contender for the miss of the century.

Kanu's shocking attempt at West Brom and Ronny Rosenthal's extraordinary miss for Liverpool are up there in Premier League history but this effort has outdone them.

Occurring in the Belgrade Zone League, which makes up part of the regional fourth-tier of the Serbian football pyramid, the unnamed striker looked certain to score for his team.

After the ball is sent forward, the striker in question put his marker under pressure; forcing the defender into producing a weak back-pass which he pounced on.


The forward rounded the goalkeeper with the goal at his mercy and had plenty of time to walk the ball into the back of the net.

However, instead of doing so, the unfortunate forward mis-timed his shot and as the ball took a small bobble, he sent the ball sky-rocketing over the bar.

He couldn't quite believe his luck, holding his head in his hands as his shocked team-mates performed a similar reaction.

The outstanding moment will certainly live long in the memory and outshines any miss witnessed in the Premier League.

Having said that, the top-flight has seen a number of similarly shocking misses over the years.

Among those to have suffered embarrassment on the Premier League stage are Kanu, Rosenthal and Fernando Torres, who somehow missed an open goal at Old Trafford.