Forget Leicester City, the Chicago Cubs, Ireland and the rest of them - this may be the biggest upset of the sporting year.

Here's the scene.

The University of Maryland has the best college soccer team in the United States. Ranked No. 1, they went through the regular season with 18 wins and 2 draws. Undefeated, and en-route to claiming the NCAA Division I championship.

They had a free ticket in the first round of the NCAA knockout stages before coming up against Providence in round two.


Providence went for 12 wins and 6 losses in their regular season - in a conference that is hardly considered "heavyweight" - and defeated Delaware in the first round.

The weren't even nationally ranked going into the knockout stages and now they faced Maryland. No biggy, just the undefeated, best college soccer side in the country.

They struggled big time. In fact, they went down 1-0 after just five minutes.

Before they knew it, the score was 4-1 to Maryland with only 20 minutes to play.

But then, what took place from there was perhaps the most remarkable finish to a sporting event this year.

Providence scored four consecutive goals in 12 minutes to lead the No. 1 Maryland Terrapins 5-4 with eight minutes remaining.

They held on and toppled the soccer powerhouse to knock them out of the NCAA tournament and advance themselves to the third round.

It's just the second time in their history they've reached that stage of the tournament.

2016 truly is the greatest sporting year we've ever seen.