Usain Bolt says it's in his blood to be a womaniser.

The fastest man on earth has just given an interview with GQ Magazine in the United States and has made it clear he isn't going to apologise for his philandering ways.

"The British press is always trying to make me out to be this bad guy who loves women and how all I do is women and stuff," Bolt lamented to the magazine.

He is not kidding there. The English tabloids had a field day with Bolt's antics after the Rio Olympic Games, featuring multiple stories of late nights of twerking and a snuggling session with a Brazilian student.


But Bolts doesn't believe he should be ridiculed for his antics.

"I was telling this English press guy," Bolt said.

"You can't judge a different culture by your own culture. In England when you get famous the first thing you do is get married and have kids. In Jamaica it's different - like my parents had me and they got married 11 years later."

They may not be the words that Bolt's girlfriend Kasi Bennett wants to hear. The multi Olympic gold medal winner is expected to marry Bennett but it could be a long engagement!

And that latest late night Snapchat shared around Halloween? Bolt said he is just embracing his Jamaican heritage.

"In Jamaica, we wine on each other. It's our culture. People see it the first time, they're like, What is going on? It's like they're having sex in the club! No, that's just the culture. It's how we are," he said.

"I was telling this English press guy," Bolt said.