"UFC star Conor McGregor has launched a brutal attack on New Zealand TV presenter Andrew Mulligan."

It sounded too good to be true, and that's because it was.

Mulligan and Prime TV's The Crowd Goes Wild, managed to cleverly cut together a clip of McGregor responding to comments at a press conference, and Mulligan reacting off-air, triggering a worldwide reaction.

Waiting to interview Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez ahead of #UFC205 for @crowdgoeswildnz

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The video was picked up by the LAD Bible on Facebook and has now been blasted across the internet as a factual event.


The LAD Bible also tweeted it to its near two million followers.

The UK's Daily Star, a newspaper publication with a circulation of over 400,000, also took the bait as they posted the story on their website.

The premise was that Mulligan had questioned whether McGregor's near chair-throwing incident at the UFC 205 press conference earlier this week, was in fact staged.

A claim that was actually made by Canadian UFC reporter Michael Landsberg, who has a very tumultuous relationship with McGregor.

The Irishman responded to Landsberg's comments, but that didn't stop Mulligan pretending like he said them to him.

"He's a f****** donkey," McGregor said.

"He's an idiot.

"Some sort of s***e about 'scripted' or something, he said."

Mulligan played the embarrassment card perfectly, which had the punters hook, line, and sinker.

McGregor continued.

"He's a mush head, probably looks like a burns victim or something."

"Why would you say that?" Mulligan said.

McGregor then got word from someone in the audience who knew this "Mulligan."

"You know him do you? Does he look like that?" he said before laughing away.

Mulligan begged people not to show photos of him to McGregor.

The controversial Irishman is looking to become the first fighter in UFC history to gain titles in two different weight classes when he clashes with Alvarez at UFC 205 tomorrow.