Cristiano Ronaldo, you've done it again.

The Real Madrid star, who is as prolific in acting badly for commercials as he is at finding the back of the net, has outdone himself this time with a somewhat hammy performance in an odd advert for a Portuguese electrical company that parodies the Home Alone movies.

Ronaldo stars in the Macaulay Culkin role while his real-life mother Maria 'Dona' Dolores plays the forgetful parent who only realises she's forgotten her son while on a plane.

All alone, Ronaldo whips his shirt off and sings "I Wish You a Merry Christmas" in front of the bathroom mirror, watches TV (and scares off a pizza deliveryman by turning up the sound during a shooting scene) and unwraps a present that is actually the sponsor's product.


Just like in the movies, Dona soon returns home with the rest of the family to embrace Ronaldo. Cue much laughter from all concerned.

What did we just watch?