If this was the entree, UFC fans will be salivating for the main meal.

Conor McGregor press conferences have become almost as enjoyable as his fights and it was a similar story as the stars of UFC 205 convened in New York today.

There are three title fights on what's been described as the best card in UFC history - McGregor's attempt to add Eddie Alvarez's lightweight belt to his featherweight strap, Tyron Woodley's defence of the welterweight crown against Stephen Thompson and Joanna Jedrzejczyk scrap with Karolina Kowalkiewicz for the women's strawweight championship.

But as UFC boss Dana White opened the press conference for questions there were, somewhat predictably, only five fighters on stage.


McGregor was again operating on McGregor time, leaving Alvarez onstage to deal with the taunts of a largely pro-McGregor crowd, which included dozens of travelling Irish fans.
The Philly native has held his own in the talking game ahead of Sunday's contest and again stood firm in the face of a "f*** you Eddie" chant that White attempted to shut down.

"Where's my opponent, where's he at?" Alvarez asked. "I'm half Irish (and) I'm disappointed in the country of Ireland, that this is their representative. This is your representative (pointing at McGregor's empty chair). Where is he?"

As the fans continued to target him - and with McGregor nowhere in sight - Alvarez stormed offstage. "I don't understand a goddamn thing they say," he said. "You know what, I don't even have an opponent, I'll see you guys tomorrow. When he comes, give me a call."Eight minutes later McGregor, wearing a new mink coat and patterned pants, danced across stage to huge applause and immediately grabbed Alvarez's belt and placed it next to his own on the press table. "Sorry I'm late, I just don't give a f***!" McGregor roared.

Alvarez marched out and grabbed his belt back as White - conscious of how quickly proceedings had gotten out of hand during McGregor's last pre-fight press conference ahead of his bout with Nate Diaz at UFC 202 - moved between the fighters.

But it kicked off. Alvarez threw a folded chair behind where McGregor was seated and the Irishman reacted furiously. He picked the chair up and held it above his head before being quickly contained by White and a security guard.

Conscious of avoiding another fine - he was charged $75,000 for throwing water bottles at Diaz and his team at the 202 presser - McGregor calmed down. "I wonder how much a chair would have cost me?" he joked.

When asked what he planned to do with the chair if White had not have stood on his way, McGregor said: "Bounce it off his f***ing head."

"I'm a f***ing pimp, I'm in Gucci mink - and without me, this whole s***'ll sink!" he added.

From there the two men went back and forth. Alvarez asked McGregor for an apology for mentioning his wife and kids during a recent media call, to which the pay-per-view star replied "suck these big Irish balls".

"Eddie is damaged goods," McGregor said. "He's aged. He looks a bit gaunt."
There were no great revelations about what may happen after Sunday. Alvarez plans to drink "pina coladas" and McGregor - despite declaring he wants "all the belts" - was also coy on his future.

Their square off also passed without incident. "I don't want you two touching each other," White stated. They obliged.

It was Jedrzejczyk's staredown with her countrywoman which was the most heated. They pressed their foreheads together for several seconds before the champion thrust hers forward.