Duco CEO Martin Snedden has given a few clues regarding the price of watching Joseph Parker's world title fight in December.

"We'll decide this in about a week or so, once we sort of understand more about what sort of international broadcasting money we're going to get," said Snedden. "A normal Parker fight is $39.95. That's for a normal one. This is not a normal fight."

"Takam was a pretty important fight, that was $49.95. This is a world title fight, it's going to be more than that."

Snedden told Radio Sport this morning that the price of last year's Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, which was $49.99, sets a good benchmark.


"Sky charged somewhere in the fifties last year for Mayweather and Pacquiao, that's starting to become more of a benchmark that people should be looking at."

"Yeah, we could go higher than that, but in the end we're not idiots. My gut feel is, think around that Mayweather-Pacquiao, maybe fractionally more than that."

Snedden dispelled any rumours that the fight could be priced anywhere from $70 to $100.

"That's just pure speculation, where did that come from," said Snedden. "We're not stupid, we know in the end there's no point in charging something that people won't pay"

"It's about just meeting the market but not underselling ourselves."