Olivier Giroud has shown a fearless touch in front of goal over the last week or so, but the French forward revealed his childhood fear in Arsenal's programme for the north London derby.

Giroud was scared of 1980s comedy character Alf when he was a youngster and told of how his older brothers used to regularly taunt him about his fear of the much-loved sitcom star.

Alf, who starred in the TV show named after him, was a friendly figure who resided in the Tanner's garage but Giroud was not interested in the creature's caring nature.

When asked about the thing he dreaded most, Giroud said: "This is so funny, but my brothers are older than me - I was the youngest, and they used to tease me about a kids TV character called Alf. Do you know him? Alf the Alien, my God he was so ugly and I was so scared of him.


"My brothers used to say, 'Be careful, Alf is going to get you tonight!' They went too far with it! "

Alf should be the least of Giroud's worries these days. The Frenchman is currently a peripheral figure at the Emirates, with Arsene Wenger preferring Alexis Sanchez as the spearhead of his attack.

Giroud has only made four substitute appearances in the league this season and was named on the bench once again for Monday's north London derby.