Jarryd Hayne has been caught up in the accidental showing of pornographic images to teenagers while making a presentation on cyber bullying and security to students at Robina.

Hayne was speaking to students at Robina High School about issues relating to cyber bullying and online safety in an event organised by internet security company Norton when pornographic images appeared on a big screen after an open Wi-Fi network was accessed.

Hayne said the incident happened in an instant and he did what he could to shut things down straight away.

"Obviously I shut my phone straight away so I was logged off," Hayne said after images of a sexual nature appeared during the presentation to a hall packed with students.


Norton security expert Nick Savvides confirmed the device that had connected to the network and browsed a website on which the images were displayed did not belong to Hayne.

Ironically, the network had been set up to show students the dangers associated with open networks

"We do this demo in many scenarios and we haven't had this type of thing happen before, so it is unfortunate.

"Connecting to open networks, people can see what you are doing, as well as, in this case, inject unwanted material."

Savvides admitted the incident was embarrassing.

"Its unfortunate and all I can say is it was definitely not Jarryd's device."

Hayne said online safety was a "huge key".

"You just hear more and more cases of people who have taken passwords or bank accounts, everything's online these days, you can pretty much do anything from any device across the world and I think safety is a huge key," he said.

"I think safety is the first and foremost thing that is important."