It's hard to say what's more concerning. The fact someone is trying to sell a bag of air, or the fact that people are actually willing to pay for it.

eBay user malkour0 is attempting to sell a 100 per cent authentic bag of Chicago Cubs, World Series championship air.

Taken from the streets of Chicago when the Cubs won their first MLB title in 108 years.

It follows a similar ploy back in April when one fan tried to sell a bag of air from Kobe Bryant's final NBA game in Los Angeles.


Unfortunately, the Bryant-branded air was promptly removed from the buy-and-sell website, and the Cubs imitator could soon follow a similar path.

But for now the auction is running strong with 24 bids. The top bid coming in at US$35 (NZ$48). You can buy it if you want, it will just cost you NZ$31 to ship internationally.

And you better hope it doesn't get a hole in it.