Adrian Wojnarowski, widely considered one of the NBA's best "scoopers," is reporting that Steven Adams could be set for a whopping $US100m (NZ$140 million) contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Depending on the length of the deal, either four or five years, Adams would become one of the highest paid centres in the league.

Earlier this year, ESPN's Thunder correspondent Royce Young told Newstalk ZB that Adams could expect a four-year contract in the region of US$15 million a year - a significant rise on the US$3.1 million the 23-year-old is currently on.

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A maximum-level contract for NBA players with fewer than six years' experience is 25 per cent of the salary cap, which for the 2017-18 season is projected at US$108 million.

If Adams is to receive the $US100 million contract, he would solidify his place as one of the brightest youngsters in the league.

With the departure of star playmaker Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, Adams has stepped up as an integral part of the Oklahoma unit.

So far this season, through two games, Adams is averaging 12.5 points per game, 7.5 rebounds, 0.5 assists and 2.00 steals.​