UFC welterweight Matt Brown has never been one to hold his tongue when asked about a hot button subject involving the sport of mixed martial arts.

He didn't hold back when asked about former WWE superstar CM Punk getting a shot in the UFC, and Brown has never been shy when speaking about former champion Ronda Rousey, either.

Brown was one of the few people who picked Holly Holm to beat Rousey last year and he then immediately questioned whether or not she would ever return to fighting after suffering such a devastating loss.

I said now we're going to find out who Ronda really is. We found out...She's a quitter.
Now a year later, Brown is set to share a card with Rousey on Dec. 30 as part of UFC 207, and his opinion about her hasn't changed all that much.


"I don't really have a lot of respect for Ronda to be honest," Brown said on the latest "Fight Society" podcast. "She's done some great things for women's MMA and I respect that and she got it in the UFC and I respect that. But her attitude, I just don't respect. She's probably not going to change that."

Brown went into further detail while examining Rousey's reaction to her loss last year and how long it's taken her to find the desire to return.

For most fighters a loss serves as the ultimate motivation to get back as soon as possible with vengeance fuelling a return to action. Brown says he hasn't seen anything like that from Rousey over the past year.

Rousey has instead stayed completely out of the public spotlight and hasn't really said much about her return outside of a couple interviews since falling to Holm in 2015.

"I look at it different. I look at what are you in this sport for? What's your motivation?" Brown said. "When you look at someone like her that one loss destroys you like that? We went over this whole thing about talking about suicide. My kids watch that (expletive), I don't want to hear her talking about that crap when my kids are watching that show.

"When you let one loss do that to you what it's done to her, I don't respect that. That means your motivation is different than it should be. It's not pure. It's just not what I would call satisfactory.

"I said that right after she lost to Holly (Holm), we did a podcast and I said now we're going to find out who Ronda really is. We found out. It's been almost a year. We found out who she is. She's a quitter. That's not the type of person I respect. That's not the type of person I want my kids to be looking up to."