There are many offences that football players can receive yellow cards - but Kei Kamara could very well be the first man booked for 'twerking.'

The New England striker was booked for his unusual goal celebration in the Revolution's 3-0 win against Montreal Impact in a football league in Canada.

The match referee clearly wasn't impressed with Kamara's 71st minute goal and handed him a yellow card after he had completed his version of the popular dance move.

An indignant Kamara did not take the decision well. He threw his arms up in disgust and walked away shouting obscenities at the ref.


The incident follows another celebrated carding in June in European football.

Swedish footballer called a referee a 'buffoon' after he was sent off for farting during a match - with the official accusing him of 'deliberate provocation'.

Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was playing at left-back for Pershagen SK in the seventh tier of Swedish football when he was shown a second yellow card in the final minute of the game.

Describing the surreal moment, the 25-year-old said: "I had a bad stomach, so I simply let go. Then I received two yellow cards and so a red.

"Yes, I was shocked, it's the strangest thing I have ever experienced in football".

He added: "I asked the referee 'what am I not allowed to break wind a little?'. He replied 'no'...I don't get it but maybe he thought I farted in my hand and threw the fart at him. But I did not".

The aggrieved defender told Aftonbladet: "To provoke anyone with a fart is not particularly smart or normal. It's nonsense - I just broke wind and got a red card.

"I spoke to the referee afterwards, I was annoyed, but there were no bad words. I just said he was a buffoon."

Reflecting on the "crappy judgement", he said: "I can only laugh about it. This has to be unprecedented, surely. I've never heard of anyone who has been sent off for doing a fart."