Kiwi athlete Liam Malone may be the butt of a few jokes after he was snapped hitting a giant bottom on a UK TV show with one of his "blade runner" legs.

A British TV station flew the gold medal sprinter and aspiring comic to London to film an episode of hit show The Last Leg. The televised charity event called Stand up to Cancer raised £10,712,205 ($18,283,717) for cancer research.

Malone has a devastating history of cancer running through his family. But, the 22-year-old said he wants to use his newfound profile to raise awareness around the illness.

And comedy, he says, is the perfect way to do it.


In keeping with this Malone gave the giant exposed bottom a firm whack on the show.

The star studded show included guests like the cast of Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, Lydia Bright, Ollie Locke, Karen Danczuk and Zoe Salmon.

English broadcaster Davina McCall hosted the event - she lost her half-sister Caroline to cancer in 2012.

Malone's mother, uncle and grandmother have died from cancer.

"Cancer is everywhere in my family. When I was seven my grandmother passed away from cancer, when I was 12 my mum was first diagnosed with bowel cancer - stage three as it went undetected for a while - and she battled it for six years.

"Mum had multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation and was cleared twice. It was the third time she passed away.

"At the same time my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and only given about eight weeks to live. He ended up passing away a couple of months before my mum did. And then my other uncle has been battling leukaemia his whole life and I've had to watch that as well.

"Cancer is so prevalent and a real bastard of a thing. The pain it causes is so huge. We can't ignore conversations just because they make us feel uncomfortable."