Former Black Caps captain Brendon McCullum says he has not forgiven Chris Cairns.

In an interview on Radio New Zealand to promote his new book Declared, McCullum criticised his former national team-mate for dragging him into the London court trial for perjury that Cairns faced in 2015.

Cairns was found not guilty of lying under oath about match-fixing in a 2012 libel case he won against Indian cricket powerbroker Lalit Modi.

McCullum's testimony that Cairns cheated at cricket was key to the prosecution's case along with other witnesses including now banned former New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent.


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Both claimed Cairns approached them in 2008 to fix matches.

McCullum told Radio New Zealand that the case became about him versus Cairns.

"I felt that I was the one on trial and I found that really hard to deal with," he said.

McCullum added he was not a person who held grudges but he could not forgive Cairns.

"The last thing I wanted to see was one of my former teammates rotting away in a cell - and I'm actually pleased he's not. But I can't forgive the other behaviour, the way that [he] effectively lobbied to put me in the gun publicly.

"I want nothing more to do with him."

McCullum said he felt he had to come forward with his allegations against Cairns.


"I didn't want to necessarily report it but when I found out that you're as liable for conviction as what the person who approached you is ... then it became apparent that I had to step forward," he told Radio New Zealand.

"Once people understand that and the fact I didn't want to rat on my mate, they will hopefully understand a little bit better."