The Long Drivers European Tour has cancelled the final championship event in New Zealand citing systematic failure by the Kiwi promoters.

The Remuera Golf Club in Auckland had been scheduled to stage the event on Nov 5-6 but the LDET has pulled the pin and will now try to find another alternative venue overseas. The Auckland course will still host a long driving event but without the European Tour status.

"It has not been an easy decision to make, but LDET has found a breach of contract from the local partner IGANZ in New Zealand and could not guarantee the smooth running of the final event," a release from LDET said.

"LDET have been working more than half a year very hard for the grand finale organization as the culmination of the fourth season of the Tour and with the hope to continue bringing the sport of long drive beyond Europe's borders. During all this time, LDET has relied on their local partner, the IGANZ Company, which however has failed systematically to enforce the agreements signed.


"LDET understands that the trust between partners is very important; for any big or small companies, is essential for the benefit of all parties. Therefore, after checking that IGANZ have severely broken the trust given as a local partner which prevents ensure the smooth running of the championship, the Tour has decided to suspend the celebration of the final tournament in that country.

"LDET deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to the players after this decision, but we believe it is the best to safeguard the good name of the Tour and the sport of long drive. LDET is already working from now - in the next two weeks - to make the following decision: find a new trusted location to celebrate the last tournament or terminate the current season after the nine championships."