Bill Murray loves sports, almost as much as he loves to make people laugh.

Known to many as the star of Groundhog Day and Ghost Busters, Murray has always been a character among his fellow celebrities. And, like most of the big names in Hollywood, he's always making appearances at major sporting events.

However, for all his fame and fortune, Murray has something different.

He doesn't sit up in corporate boxes, or down in the front row. Instead, he's in the middle of the crowd, soaking up every minute of each occasion and celebrating with his fellow fans.


In some cases, he's the one starting up the chants and throwing beer.

Here he is in 2004 singing the baseball classic Take Me Out to the Ballgame, at the Chicago Cubs opening game.

Born in Illinois, Murray is understandably a massive fan of anything Chicago.

You might remember him playing a large role in the 1996 classic Space Jam - a film about Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

But he's also an avid supporter of local high school and college teams.

Here he is cheering for the Illinois Fighting Illini men's basketball team at the 2005 Final Four in St. Louis. Wearing his best team colours.

More recently, Murray was almost an extra player for the US Ryder Cup team who successfully retained the title earlier this month.

He was frequently leading chants in the crowd, taking snaps with players and even attended the exclusive after party.