America was not ready for Aussie Andrew Bogut's blunt talk on the US Presidential Election.

The NBA star didn't hold back from sharing his honest opinion on the state of play between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, the Dallas Mavericks centre's colourfully ocker criticism of American politics has been blown up into a slightly more serious incident by a classic case of Americans mistranslating Aussie slang.

When asked to share his thoughts on the Town Hall debate between the two presidential candidates, Bogut said in no uncertain terms he doesn't support either of them.


Then he dropped some Aussie slang and it all went pear shaped.

"They're both s***house," Bogut told

"They're both full of s***. And they don't really give two s**** about the common man."

"You guys are in some trouble, quite frankly. I can't vote."

It's all reasonable language when used in the context of the US Presidential Election, until you see how Bogut's comments were reported by a journalist from

"They're both [expletive]-[expletive]," Bogut said, essentially calling the candidates garbage by using a twice-vulgar phrase combining a nickname for feces and another for their exit point from the human body.

So what's the problem with them?

"They're both full of [expletive]," Bogut said. "And they don't really give two [expletive] about the common man."

Naturally, the straight-talking - combined with the comical mix-up - won the former Warriors tall a lot of fans.

Lost in all the laughter were Bogut's serious observations on the disappointing way the election campaign has played out.

He described Trump as an "old, dirty man," but said Clinton has committed much greater wrongs.

"There's some things both have that are OK," he said.

"There's some things that both have that are horrible. The way I see it is Trump obviously said a lot of bad things and he might be termed as a chauvinistic pig and so on. But I think the other candidate has done bad things.

"Trump's obviously anti-politically correct and has said some absolutely idiotic things. But I think Hillary is involved in some shady stuff, getting funding from countries that actually are at war. I think that's a bigger issue than what an old, dirty man said 10 years ago.

"You're absolutely lying to yourself if [you think] you haven't said something that is deemed chauvinistic. Even these days, saying a woman has a nice behind, that's not politically correct.

"I'm not defending what he said by any means, but I think we have to look at ourselves. You're lying if you haven't said anything controversial about anything. There's no way anybody's wrapped in a bubble your whole life.

"We all make mistakes and you got to move on and know you've made the mistake and become a better person. He says he's doing that. Let's hope it lasts more than a couple days."

Bogut's disillusioned view on American politics is a popular one.

The US Presidential Election will be held on November 8.

"Not much is going to change," Bogut summed up.

"I guarantee you that."