All golfers need help and when it's unobtrusive that's even better.

Not so long ago, the only support you got was a scorecard telling you the par and distance for each hole-not even any 135m distance markers or map warnings about a dogleg, fairway bunkers or a water hazard.

That was fine on your home course but when you played at new venues strong eyesight and sixth senses were invaluable weapons.

Of course the rules have been relaxed and most courses offer layout diagrams on their cards and some have very detailed booklets and pin placements to work to.


All these things remove the guesswork but not the poor shotmaking or bad scores.

If you need reassurance though the TomTom Golfer 2 is another adjunct to the myriad of videos, books and self-help information about the game. It is a GPS distance device and will last a round even for the world's slowest golfer but will need recharging after that.

It connects quickly to the GPS, is accurate and comfortable on your wrist so it doesn't interfere with your swing.

It delivers information about the length of your shots, post-game statistics for analysis and is sharp enough to wear into the clubhouse afterwards.

Once you've got into the swing (sorry) of things it's easy to work through your scores and look at all the crucial and often disturbing evidence about your round.

The manufacturers claim to have 40,000 courses loaded into the data while mates with far more technical know-how say the watch can only be synched once after a round so think before you choose either your android phone or Ipad.