Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's most popular, accomplished and wealthiest athletes, owns multiple hotels and his own private jet, and still, sometimes he's just like us.

Ronaldo turned out to watch his son Cristiano Jr. give his under-8 debut for his club side Pozuelo in Madrid, and as he observed the game from behind one of the goals, CR7 was called into action as emergency ball boy after a shot went astray.

Proving he's just a regular dad when it comes to his private life, Ronaldo didn't hesitate to jump into the bushes and, of course, couldn't resist fishing the ball out in style with a little flick -- a nice little reminder for Cristiano Jr.'s mates that his dad is most likely better at soccer than their dads.

For many kids, parents who attend their games might be looked at as -- although they're just being good parents -- a constant threat of embarrassment. Something tells me that Cristiano Jr. will never have that problem though.