Black Caps opening batsman Tom Latham caught a lucky break during day two of New Zealand's first test against India.

Latham was sitting on 47 runs when he went for a sweeping shot. The ball hit Latham's foot and was sent straight into the chest of KL Rahul for what seemed like an easy out.

However, despite eventually making the catch Rahul couldn't quite field the ball cleanly, with a slight juggle before pressing the ball against the base of his helmet grille. Latham was off the hook.

But Rahul caught it didn't he? Not technically. The rules state that it is not a fair catch if "at any time after having been struck by the bat and before a catch is completed the ball has touched a protective helmet worn by a fielder".


Slow motion replays indicated that the ball had in fact touched Rahul's helmet grille, resulting in the no-catch.

The third umpire was signalled and the decision was not out, sending Indian captain Virat Kohli into a state of disbelief.

External protective gear must not come into play while taking the catch. In cases where a helmet is lying on the field, it's considered an extra fielder and if the ball touches the helmet five extra runs are awarded to the batting side.