Players often miss training for a variety of reasons, but Emile Mpenza's excuse is hard to beat.

According to one of his former managers, Mpenza once missed a training session because he'd taken Viagra the night before and the ... effects ... hadn't subsided.

Sturrock, Mpenza's then-manager at his former club Plymouth Argyle, revealed the story in his autobiography, "Luggy."

Based on that short excerpt, it certainly seems like Sturrock wasn't too enamored with the striker's short time at the club. In just three paragraphs he managed to contend Mpenza "hoovered up thousands of pounds in wages and set a new record in terms of excuses for injury absences" and put the man on blast for taking erectile disfunction pills.


Mpenza spent just one season at the English club, scoring two goals in nine appearances from 2009-10. He might not have made much of an impression on the pitch, but he certainly made his mark off of it.