American radio announcer Kevin Harlan was handed the dubious task of covering the NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday.

Though the game ended with an uninteresting 28-0 scoreline, Harlan found a way to turn his Westwood One broadcast into must-listen radio.

During the fourth quarter a seemingly intoxicated fan charged on to the field, and naturally Harlan called the action.

"Hey, somebody's run out on the field! Some goofball in a hat! And a red shirt!"



"He runs to the 50! He runs to the 40! The guy is drunk!" Harlan shouted.

"But there he goes! The 20! They're chasing him! They're not gonna get him! Waving his arms, bare-chested - somebody stop that man! Oh, they got him! They're coming from the left! Oh! They tackle him at the 40 yard line!"

After a small pause, Harlan let out a huge sigh.

"That was the most exciting thing to happen tonight."