Current Warriors captain Ryan Hoffman believes coach Andrew McFadden is the man to lead the club into the 2017 NRL season.

After a disastrous season that culminated in the team missing a fifth successive playoff berth, pressure has heaped on the beleaguered coach with calls for him to get the boot.

However, Hoffman and his fellow teammates stand by McFadden and say fans need to give him credit for what he's done.

"Andrew showed this year that he's a tough bloke, and he's made some really tough decisions," Hoffman told Radio Sport's Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast.


"We've had periods where we've showed this team can be a really tough team, and I think all that comes down to Andrew's coaching.

"We just need to make sure we have the players that are willing to do that week in, week out."

The Warriors had a bumpy start to the 2016 season, coming off eight straight losses last season, they couldn't manage a win until round five.

Then, the club was rocked by controversy with several senior players involved in an off-field incident which included energy drinks and prescription medicine.

McFadden was forced to make a decision unpopular with a lot of fans and spectators, choosing to drop all players involved for that weekends match.

"He had to make a big call, which shows just how passionate this bloke is for the club," Hoffman said.

Hoffman also said the players had all spoken together about keeping McFadden on board and it was a unanimous decision.

"We know Andrew McFadden is the right person to lead this club."