He is no stranger to a podium performance.

But Usain Bolt has reportedly held his own mock Olympic Games medal ceremony in a London hotel room for women who flashed their breasts at him and friends, 'awarding' them his treasured medals from the Rio De Janeiro games.

Alas, the nine-time Olympic gold medalist is said to have struck trouble during his cheeky makeshift ceremony when he was asked who came first and had only the golds from his 100m, 200m and relay wins this month.

Such as was his dominance in Rio, his luggage did not contain any silver or bronze souvenirs when he took the golds out and laid them on a table, The Sun reported.


'It's all gold,' he reportedly told the women after one asked who had won.

'There are no losers.'

It was unclear which of the girls participated in the fun and games.

Bolt had been photographed on Tuesday night heading out to Tape nightclub with a group of glamorous women.

He racked up a £6000 bar tab and was spotted grinding with British model Erica Carvalho, 20, who was invited back to his hotel with seven other women and Bolt's male friends as the party continued.

He had left his hotel earlier with friend Tara Carroll, a restaurateur from Jamaica.

British high jumper Germaine Mason, who was born in Jamaica and won silver for Great Britain in Beijing, was also among those partying with Bolt.

Onlookers said that earlier that night, Bolt couldn't take his eyes off Miss Carvalho, despite numerous women vying for his attention.

A source told The Sun: 'Usain had been partying at Tape nightclub and was in a really cheeky mood.

'At first everyone was just goofing around but he started complimenting some of the ladies on their cleavage and encouraged two to flash him and a pal.

'Then he dished out his medals while music played from his iPhone. He was laughing a lot, pretending it was like Rio.'

It was his second night in London after spending most of last week hitting the city's nightspots before having a night off on Thursday.

The mock ceremony occurred early Wednesday morning after a night of partying at London's Tape nightclub during his wild week of parting in London since departing Rio.

He partied on four out of five nights upon in London last week and also partied in Rio on the final day of the Olympics last Sunday.