Golf superstar Lydia Ko only took her Olympic silver medal off when she had a shower the night after her final round in Rio.

The world's number one woman golfer, who is preparing to play in the CP Women's Open in Canada, has revealed how proud she was as a member of the Kiwi team. And the medal was her constant companion after the podium ceremony.

"I almost wore it that whole night...the shower and the bathroom was the one place I didn't take it so I rested it on the New Zealand flag," she said.

"I didn't know what to do with it (at the Games) because there was security and I knew it would beep if I wore it.

"It was right by my be until the next morning, and even after going to athletics I had it around my neck when I was watching TV. That's why my neck is a bit tired.


"The medal is here with me today 10 metres away - my sister has got it."

Ko said the silver medal would reside with other trophies on a book stand next to the TV at her Orlando home.

"We don't have a special area at home...even though this is a silver medal, it's as special or even more special to me," she said.

Ko also revealed she was confused how to act when the medal ceremony took place.

"I almost didn't know what I needed to do thought thank goodness I'm not the first one going up on the podium I don't want to go up at the wrong time," she said.

"Even though it was something I'd seen on TV so many times it felt so different being the one there. After everything finished on Saturday I watched athletics and all those ceremonies, I couldn't believe I was on the podium myself a few hours before.

"Those are the great things about it, the whole vibe and being there with our New Zealand athletes. I thought wow this is the Olympics. We are out there supporting one another. It's individual games but we are a team."