Someone needs to remind Heather Wheeler it's 2016 and those days are gone.

The Conservative MP sparked outrage on social media on Tuesday when she tweeted that the "Empire goes for gold" in a crudely Photoshopped graphic that claims Britain's "empire" scored 396 gold medals at the Rio Olympics compared to 320 for the rest of the world and 258 for the post-Brexit EU.

Unsurprisingly, the South Derbyshire local member was ridiculed online for her claim. Some politely asked if she had any figures for the Roman or Spanish empires and said it was a "disappointing showing by the Third Reich in the end".

The MP, who campaigned for Brexit in the recent referendum said her tweet was "tongue in cheek" and meant to congratulate the British team and others from the Commonwealth.


The USA topped the medal table with 46 golds and 121 medals in total, while Great Britain and Northern Ireland came in second place with 27 golds and 67 medals.