UFC is incrementally growing in global appeal and that has been exemplified by the prize money dished out to 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor for his thrilling UFC 202 triumph over Nate Diaz.

The Irishman avenged his UFC 196 defeat by the American by prevailing over five brutal rounds in Las Vegas on Sunday to land £2.4million ($4.3million NZD) in the bank.

Brock Lesnar's £1.9m ($3.4million NZD) disclosed purse was the previous highest figure but that figure from UFC 200 didn't last long.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) revealed an initial £2.3m ($4.15million NZD) fee for McGregor before that was topped up by UFC sponsorship money made from Reebok (Figures courtesy of MMA Junkie).


A further £38,000 ($68,600 NZD) was rewarded to both McGregor and Diaz for receiving the 'fight of the night' accolade.

Anthony Johnson (£260,000/$469,000 NZD), who defeated Glover Teixeira by TKO, and Donald Cerrone (£183,000/$330,000 NZD), a TKO winner over Rick Story, were the only other fighters to break the £100,000 ($180,000 NZD) mark compared to the staggering fee the main event pocketed.

Bitter rivals McGregor and Diaz embraced following the back and forth contest that saw the Californian hit the canvas three times before the fight reached the third round.

However, Diaz rallied in the final rounds and put the Irishman in considerable danger, particularly in the third round when he battered him against the fence before the bell sounded.

By the time the battle ended, it was anyone's guess who had taken it. The judges' scorecards underlined the closeness of the affair as two scored it 48-47 for McGregor, and the other deemed it a draw in Las Vegas.

Following the bout the Irishman immediately claimed he wanted a third fight with Diaz to complete their trilogy.

'All I know is that it's 1-1,' McGregor said in his post-match interview 'The king is back.

'I proved the class difference. It was a hell of a fight, he is a hell of a competitor. I dropped him in the third round but then he started loading up.

'It's 1-1, let's do it again. If you want this trilogy it's on my terms. Come down to 155 and we'll do it.'

Meanwhile, Diaz insisted that he would not fight again until he meets McGregor for the third time. He also underlined his belief that he won the contest.

'I thought I won that fight,' claimed the 31-year-old. 'They can't have a m**********r like me win, I'm too real for this.

'I want number three. I gave him number two. Let's go again. Good job today Conor but we going for three, for real. Until then I ain't coming back.'

Despite his bumps and bruises McGregor celebrated lavishly into the early hours with an after-fight party at the Intrigue Nightclub, joined by golfer Rory McIlroy and One Direction star Niall Horan.