And the gold medal in Tinder goes to...

The Games are winding down and that means one thing - athletes are getting jiggy with it and taking advantage of the 450,000 odd free condoms available in the Olympic village.

And Tinder has the hard data to prove it.

The dating application has recorded that there's been a 129 per cent increase of activity around the Olympic village in the past week - and there are no signs of it slowing down.


What is surprising are the lower profile sports leading the way on Tinder.

Tinder revealed that men's tennis took the gold medal for the most right-swiped male sports, followed by weightlifting, gymnastics, judo, shooting and boxing.

Surprisingly, men's swimming, which despite boasting athletes such as Federico Grabich and Ryan Lochte, didn't make the top five.

On the women's side, table tennis was the surprise winner, just in front of field hockey, rowing, weightlifting, swimming and rugby.

Rio also became the most popular place in the world for Tinder Passport, a feature of Tinder Plus that allows users to change their location and swipe anywhere in the world.

Every day, Tinder makes over 26 million matches around the globe.