National selector Grant Fox said the 'Bug-Gate' scandal was not used as motivation by the All Blacks to spur them to their lop-sided victory over Australia.

Fox said the players were only told about the drama mid-afternoon in Sydney yesterday - only four hours or so before kick-off in the Bledisloe Cup showdown.

The listening device, hidden in a chair in the team room at the All Blacks' hotel in plush Double Bay, was discovered on Monday but the players weren't told about it then.

The Herald broke the story around noon New Zealand time yesterday and it was only then that players became aware of the scandal.


Fans on social media have been speculating that the bugging saga had been used as motivation by the All Blacks and contributed to the 42-8 scoreline.

But Fox said the revelation had no impact on the players.

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"It was touched on really briefly at a walk through and that was it," said the former All Blacks Superboot. "I can cast iron guarantee and assure everyone that it had nothing to do with our motivation whatsoever.

"It's not the sort of emotional driver that works for us. They were made aware of it because they spent time in the hotel room. Before that they had no knowledge whatsoever. It was touched upon for about 10 seconds at most, flushed, get on with the job. "

Asked how players reacted, Fox said:

"(There was) No reaction. We were just about to do a walk through, so they didn't have time to process it....just get on with the job."

Fox was at pains to point out the All Blacks were not accusing anybody of planting the listening device.

"All we've said is we found a listening device in one of our rooms. We're not accusing anybody of putting it there. The media can speculate all they like but we don't have any proof on where it came from. All we know is the facts. We found one and it's now in the hands of the police. It's as simple as that."

Fox confirmed the bug was picked up in a routine security check carried out by a security firm contracted by the All Blacks.