As the Olympic Games wind up in Rio de Janeiro, Jack Tame wraps up his experience of the games.

Best moment
Bolt. The grandstands waited for that distinctive frame to emerge from the athletes' tunnel. He flexed. Preened. Cavorted for the camera then lifted his finger to his lips. The crowd went silent and all you could hear was a helicopter somewhere. They waited for the gun.
Being with the masses at an Olympic competition isn't as atmospheric as you might think. The crowd is divided by supporters from dozens of countries and allegiances so the cheering isn't as loud as it would be if there were only two teams.
But Usain Bolt transcends the rule. The whole crowd wills him to win. We stood at the finish line of the 100m as he unfolded that frame into full pump and thrust. Back to back to back.

Worst moment
The creeping cynicism that sneaks into your consciousness watching the best athletic performances. It's easier to embrace a gymnastics performance or a hard-fought hockey victory than to accept so many track and field event results. How'd he do that? How'd she do that? No, seriously, how?

Biggest heartbreak
Portia Woodman sobbing under the goalposts after realising her try wouldn't win the Kiwi women's sevens team a gold. Sport can be cruel. But given the men's competition a few days later, silver ain't so bad.


Stupidest moment
Lyin' Ryan Lochte and his bumbling mates. A stupid fib to his mum snowballed into the biggest news story on the planet. Rio's locals are seriously - and naturally - annoyed at the damage Lochte's lie did to their city's reputation.

Biggest whinger
The global news media. The zika! The muggings! The transport chaos!
None of Rio's many problems warranted the global press hysteria. These were not the best Olympics and Rio's problems are substantial and legitimate but the pollution and organisation issues were offset by the incredible drama of hosting the Olympic Games in such a dynamic city. The locals were welcoming and warm and forever proudly in Brazilian colours. The crime rates were nominal given about half-a-million visitors came to town. And there would be almost as many mosquitoes in Invercargill as there were in Rio during the games.