Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz shared an aggressive face off at today's public weigh-ins, with UFC president Dana White having to step in to separate the main event duo.

'He should have killed me while he had the chance,' roared McGregor in the direction of Nate Diaz at Friday night's weigh-in ahead of UFC 202 tomorrow night at the T-Mobile Arena.

'Now I'm back and I'm going to kill you and your whole f**king team,' he shouted before leaving the stage. 'You and them bitch kids.'

The MGM Grand's Convention Centre was shaking by the time the featherweight champion took to the stage. A number of police officers arrived on the platform moments before the main event duo emerged, underlining the rising tensions between the two camps.


The venue exploded again when a shirtless Diaz appeared, and as predicted, the Dana White had to spring into action as they snarled at each other to delight of the spirited crowd.

When Diaz went back to his side of the stage after the face off, his team-mate Gilbert Melendez handed him a bottle of water prompting cheers before UFC staff ran over to take the bottle of the American, despite him only looking to take a drink.

'I train always hard to kill,' said Diaz. 'He's already dead from the last time. This is a new fight so it's kill or be killed again.

'Team USA motherf**kers,' he said before leaving the stage.

As he was leaving, Diaz threw a t-shirt in the direction of McGregor's team-mates and family who were sitting in the front row.

Hundreds of Irish fans filed into the MGM Grand's Convention Centre ahead of McGregor and Diaz's final face off before their rubber match.

An hour before the event the back and forth between the rival fans had already started.

The Irish chants of 'There's only one Conor McGregor' were met with shouts of '209' - the area code of the outspoken Stockton native.