It's no secret that the sport isn't the only reason that many tune into the men's diving at the Rio Olympics.

The miniature Speedos required to be worn by the athletes leave little to the imagination.

While, to the disappointment of some spectators, naked men can not be shown during coverage of Rio 2016, viewers have noticed that a happy accident is making the divers appear as though they have no clothes on while on TV screens.

The scores are presented to the public on-screen using a virtual scoreboard running horizontally across the bottom of the screen.


Because of the positioning of the scores they tend to cover the groin area of the athletes and because of the minuscule nature of their swimwear are left looking completely naked.

It wasn't long before amused viewers took to Twitter to share the unfortunate coincidence.

Actress Kira Kosarin tweeted: "One of the best parts of the Olympics is when men's diving scores accidentally cover the athletes' speedos and make them all look naked".

Erica agreed adding: "My fav Olympic sport is probably diving bc when the scoring caption comes on screen the divers always look nakes."

Kathleen joined the conversation to say: "Why is diving my favourite? Cause the bar on the bottom of the screen looks like they're naked & it makes me giggle".

Steph Detchemendy even suggested it was a new addition to the schedule: "New event for #RioOlympics2016... Naked Diving."

The amusing screen grabs even saw a hashtag #FreeTheSpeedo trending on Twitter.

Using the hashtag to refer to US athlete Steele Johnson Florence Watts said: "Well hello there Mr Johnson! Things are done a little differently in Rio."

Jessica Jimenez even found herself questioning her beliefs: "I know my feminist thought should be glad that they're censoring the penis, but I believe in nudity for all #freethespeedo"