Police will take no further action on allegations that members of the Chiefs rugby team inappropriately touched, licked and threw alcohol and gravel at a stripper.

The woman who raised concerns about the behaviour of some players at a recent end of year rugby function at the Okoroire hot pools last week has been spoken to and offered support from Waikato police.

But police say that based on discussions, "which include consideration of her wishes and the information currently available to us," they will not take the matter further.

"This decision may be reviewed if new information comes to light," police said in a statement.

"As is standard practice, our advice to anyone with concerns about theirs or others' safety, or anyone who has information they think could be relevant to police, is to make contact with us so it can be assessed."

The claims by the stripper, who was hired for the party were initially being investigated by both the New Zealand Rugby Union and police.

The Rugby Union is yet to confirm whether their investigation will continue.

Yesterday, Cushla Wood, the manager of the hot pools where the team was partying, said she would hand over CCTV footage to the parallel inquiries.


But the footage was from cameras in the public bar - not the private room where the alleged sexual misconduct took place.

Wood said the players arrived by bus about 2pm and left by 5.30pm on the day of the alleged incident.

"They were barely recognisable in their fancy dress outfits," said Wood. "There were all sorts of costumes, Superman, policemen and a SWAT team, Storm Troopers, Jesus and a Leprechaun," she told the Herald.

"One was in a ninja costume who scared the hell out of my receptionist. He came to the window and all you could see was his eyes - he had a black wetsuit on. He gave her a hell of a fright when he asked if he could borrow a stapler to fix his mate's pants."

Wood said the players were mingling with other punters in the bar, drinking and playing pool and no player stood out as being drunker than the other.

"But if someone was getting a bit loud, someone would steer him outside or the back of the bar and quieten them down, then they'd come back. Nobody was getting carried away or falling all over the show."

The stripper, known as Scarlette, told RNZ she was booked to waitress and perform a routine for the side. She said a number of players were "beyond drunk" when she arrived.

"Basically they wanted me to be a whore, which I wasn't there to be. And when I went to collect payment they short-changed me... I had one of the players going through my phone."


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