It's often hard to tell which is sharper - Conor McGregor's tongue or his custom-fitted suits.

The confident Irishman is convinced he has it over Nate Diaz in all departments after calling out his fashion sense mid-way through the Mexican welterweight's appearance on the Conan O'Brien show last night.

"I just hope he's not up on that stage wearing that stupid black t-shirt he's never out of," McGregor said in a recorded message.

"The boy has been wearing that same damn t-shirt for the past 20 years or something."
Diaz retaliated by unbuttoning his jacket to reveal his trademark black shirt to the audience.


McGregor was unable to attend in person, which is probably lucky considering the tension between the two has reached astronomical heights as the countdown to their rematch enters its final month.

McGregor continued to rile up Diaz, calling him "skinny" and announcing he'd brought in similarly-built fighters to train against in preparation.

McGregor finally issued an excuse for losing to Diaz at UFC 196, saying it was by pure luck he was bested by his significantly bigger opponent.

"The boy won the lotto last time, he knows it, I know it," McGregor said.

"August 20 I get my revenge and I look forward to it."

Diaz responded to the claims simply: "The truth came out - and its coming again.

"The truth will be on August 20th when it goes down again."

McGregor was scolded by critics for calling a rematch so soon, especially after being dominated in a weight class alien to him.

Moving up two weight classes is a highly ambitious move in any fighting sport - but if there was ever a man to push the boundaries - it is the notorious Conor McGregor.

Diaz was questioned about McGregor's critics by FOX Sports' Jason Whitlock in an interview on Wednesday.

"If you don't want to fight a guy who beat you, or show you're better than the guy everybody thinks is better than you, then I don't know what you're in this sport for. Because that's what I'm in it for. That's what I was in it for in the beginning - to let everyone know I'm the baddest dude there is. That I'm the baddest [expletive] there is," Diaz said.

Diaz has certiantly come a long way from winning The Ultimate Fighter 5 in 2007, an event that won him $16,000 and led the rising welterweight to exclaim "I'm rich" in a post-match interview.

Diaz reportedly tried to buy himself a Cadillac and a house for his mother at the time.

"I was young and didn't really have any concept of anything" the 31-year-old said.

The rematch will take place on August 20 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to an estimated record audience.

Odds have tipped in McGregor's favour in the late weeks leading up to the fight, followed by a prediction made by his coach that fight will end with Diaz going down in the fourth round.

If only one thing is certain, pride will be the biggest thing at stake for both fighters at UFC 202.