St George Illawarra centre Tim Lafai has landed in hot water after he was allegedly involved in a drunken brawl in Wollongong.

The 25-year-old and another Dragons player, 23, were issued infringement notices for "continuing intoxicated behaviour" after police were called to reports of two brawls.

NSW Police said officers were called to the intersection for Atchison and Crown Streets at 5am yesterday following reports of a brawl.

When they arrived the group had dispersed but Lafai and the 23-year-old were stopped a short distance away and given "move on" directions by officers.


A short time later the pair were seen by police in an "altercation" with a group of males on Crown St.

Lafai and the 23-year-old were arrested and taken to Wollongong Police Station.
The pair were issued infringement notices for "continuing intoxicated behaviour after a move on direction".

Lafai is understood to have been heavily intoxicated and was allegedly running around with his shirt off in a crazed manner.

He and the other Dragons player had left a nearby nightclub before the brawls.

Police are investigating the incident and the alleged victim Reed Harris told Australia's Seven Network he was considering pressing charges.

"My brother told me I got blindshotted, coward punched," Harris said.

"All I remember is blood all over me. I have a constant headache and I can't really move too well. I am still at work but I am struggling.

"If it was a fair fight, one-on-one and this happened I might just leave it as that.
"But because it was a coward punch (I might take it further). I could have been dead. I could have been in a coma." The alleged incident occurred outside Fever Nightclub around 5am, before continuing soon after at a nearby convenience store on Crown St, after which Lafai, Havili and Dunamis Lui were taken into custody.

The Dragons said they were co-operating with police and had informed the NRL integrity unit.