With the announcement overnight that the International Olympic Committee would not put a blanket ban on Russian athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics, other athletes have expressed their disgust.

In what some have labelled a feeble move from the IOC, individual federations are now responsible for who they let compete at the Games.

Many believe Russia should have been banned due to the state's involvement in a massive doping operation that dates back to 2011, however the IOC decided it wasn't fair to punish athletes who had no involvement.

However the decision to ban Russian athletes who had been tested in the past was slammed by former Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority boss Richard Ings who called the IOC hypocrites.


"How can IOC ban RUS athletes who have already served ADRV bans but allow athletes from other nations who have already served ADRV bans?" Ings said.

Athletes from around the world heading to the Games, which start in just under two weeks, were understandably disappointed.