If you're going to go after your employer, you better pick your moment wisely.

And that's exactly what Mark Hunt is dong according to MMA Junkie's John Morgan.

Morgan, who spoke with the Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast on Radio Sport, said the controversey surrounding Brock Lesnar's positive drug test and Mark Hunt's reaction could not have come at a more perfect time.

"There's new owners coming on," Morgan said. "If there is ever a time to test the waters and see how the new manager is going to run, it's right now during the transitional phase."


Hunt let rip at his UFC employer after news broke that Brock Lesnar's unanimous decision win at UFC 200 had been tainted by performance enchancing drugs, demanding half of Lesnar's winnings or else he'd leave his contract.

He also lambasted the UFC for not dealing with drugs effeciently, alluding to the fact this was the third opponent he's faced to test positive for banned substances.

However, losing Hunt would be a massive blow to the UFC said Morgan.

"Mark Hunt is a huge tie to the Australian and New Zealand Market," he said.

"He is really a fan favourite and it would be a big hit to them."

While performance enhancing drugs aren't limited to MMA, Morgan believes the nature of the sport makes drug taking extremely dangerous.

"If guys riding a bicycle want to take drugs to make the bicycle go faster, I don't care," he said.

"But in hand to hand combat, in combat sports, we need to do everything possible to keep it as clean as we can."

Morgan doesn't think Hunt will win any money back from the fight but said the moral high ground he is taking should be applauded throughout the UFC.