Ayesha Curry's Twitter feed became a must-watch during the NBA Finals. Now she's wishing it would disappear.

The wife of Warriors MVP Steph Curry inserted herself into the spotlight during the seven-game series between Golden State and Cleveland by regularly commenting on the action, including one explosive claim the NBA was rigged after the Cavs won Game Six.

It prompted Steph to joke about cutting the Wi-Fi off at home ahead of Game Seven - and in the aftermath of Cleveland's historic win has seen Ayesha's mentions column become one of the worst places on the internet.

Every time Ayesha tweets, trolls reply with photoshopped images of her family. Some of them are NSFW, but here's a sample of some of the tamer pictures, which show the lengths some people are prepared to go to ensure Ayesha never forgets the defeat LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the Cavs handed her husband.


The onslaught finally drew a response from Ayesha on Monday (NZT). She declared the "inappropriate photoshopped pictures" were "insulting to both me and the other families, husbands, fathers (and) wives in them."