Lydia Ko's impact on the golfing world continues to spread after her 13th and latest victory on the LPGA tour.

After her second major triumph at the ANA Inspiration this year, ESPN suggested Ko should be high in the chatter about the greatest teenage athlete in history.

"If Ko is to be considered the most successful teenage athlete in professional sports history............. she should also be lauded for the almost frighteningly tranquil manner in which she has done," wrote Melissa Isaacson.

Those sentiments recurred in Larry Bohannan's observations for the Desert Sun when he wrote; "the victory cements Ko's place as perhaps the greatest teen phenom in golf history, not just the LPGA."


Others thought Ko would hold most records by the time she Ko decided to park her tournament clubs in the garage.

She has won two majors and is having this week off as she prepares for the US Open starting on July 4 in California.