England's 2-1 loss to Iceland, putting them out of the European football championships in France, has been described as pathetic and embarrassing by their media and former players.

Given England's awful history in major tournaments and Iceland's promising form, the result was not an outrageous shock. But England, with its great football traditions and the power of the English Premier League to call on, should always be heavily favoured to beat a backwater like Iceland.

The Telegraph really put the boot in, their main headline reading "England suffer embarrassing exit from Euro 2016 with pathetic display against brilliant Iceland."

Former England striker Ian Wright wrote: "That was embarrassing man. Balls going under people's feet... it was embarrassing."


Writer Paul Hayward said: "A new low for England in international football. An exit in tune with a disastrous week back home. (Manager Roy) Hodgson finished. Players choked."

The age of excessive celebrity culture was also captured, with the Daily Mail focussing on the response of the players wives and girlfriends, with photos of those women placed high on the home page.

The Daily Mail headline said it all. "We're out of Europe. Three Lions humiliated...leaving England WAGs speechless and army of fans dejected."

"England fans went from ecstasy to agony in Nice...supporters expressed their disappointment in the stands and in the fanzones dotted around England and France."

The Guardian described the loss as "arguably the most embarrassing in England's history". It said Hodgson's immediate resignation "comes as no surprise following England's loss to a country competing at their first major tournament and with a population of just 329,000 - comparable to Coventry."

"Getting Iceland as a last-16 opponent felt like a let-off but they have instead proven to be another opponent who England should but could not overcome at a major tournament. Not surprisingly, Hodgson has paid with his job."

27 Jun, 2016 2:30pm
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Under the pointer "Woeful England humiliated after Hart howler", renowned Guardian writer Daniel Taylor stated " the suffering comes against a country with a population roughly the size of Croydon and absolutely no history of tournament football.

"Iceland played with courage, skill and togetherness. England, in stark contrast, dramatically lost their way once their lead had been wiped out.

"...once again, it was a personal ordeal for the increasingly accident-prone (goalkeeper) Joe Hart. Hart may bellow the words to the national anthem with more vigour, possibly, than anyone else in the tournament, but in the rather more important issues for a national team goalkeeper he has become a danger to his own side."

Taylor concluded: "England, with their supporters singing 'You're not fit to wear the shirt', will never live it down."