In a display of grit and determination, Australian endurance athlete Caine Eckstein has set the new world record for the most pull-ups in 24 hours, completing a mammoth 7620 pull ups in that time frame.

Out to break the record set by American Andrew Shapiro, who had completed 7306 pull ups in 24 hours on May 14 in Virginia, Eckstein smashed that record by 314 pull ups.

Prior to Shapiro setting the record last month, Eckstein's goal was to simply crack the 7000 mark, which in the process would have beaten the then-world record holder Rodney Hahnby's record of 6844.

Instead, the Gold Coast-native forced himself to push past the 7600 mark to claim the new world record.


Eckstein reached his 7620 pull ups with 45 minutes to spare, but called time, saying "7620 pull ups were enough".

Eckstein admitted he had struggled during his 24 hour effort, saying he felt "worse for wear" after the marathon.

"But when the sun came up, well, it's pretty nice here on the Gold Coast so that gave me a pep up and we got there in the end," he said.