Lydia Ko has made the cut once more, rated 81st as ESPN rated athletes on their fame throughout the globe and came up with their list of the top 100.

Eight women are on the list with disgraced tennis player Maria Sharapova in 18th position followed by Ronda Rousey, Serena Williams, Sania Mirza, Alex Morgan, Danica Patrick, Venus Williams, then Ko.

Ratings are done on a combination of earnings, endorsements, Facebook likes and Twitter followers with Cristiano Ronaldo on $53m a year with $27m endorsements, 110.8 million likes on Facebook and 41.5 million following him on Twitter.

ESPN says Ko earns $3m a year, has $4m in endorsements, 21 thousand likes on Facebook and 40 thousand Twitter followers.


It's no surprise the list is European/American-centric and skewed towards soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball.

Cricket gets two players in the top 15 with Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dohni monopolizing sub-continent interest. Tiger Woods is seventh while superstar of the NBA finals Steph Curry comes in at 34th place.

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is rated at 59, Patrick at 63 while Ko is a jab behind Vladimir Klitschko and ahead of ice hockey player Sidney Crosby.