The trophy for the LPGA Volvik Championship is being described as one of a kind, and has been branded as the most unique trophy in sport.

The trophy will be presented to the winner of the Inaugural Volvik LPGA Championship later today. New Zealand's Lydia Ko won't be adding it to her trophy collection however as she currently sits in 16th after finishing her final round.

Produced by Ann Arbor's Motawi Tileworks, the trophy is a one-of-a-kind, with the 12x12" tile being the largest tile that can be pressed on Motawi's 60-ton RAM press, according to the Motawi Blog.

"The tile spent an extended period of time in the dryer before it was kiln-fired for its first firing - a process that lasted nearly a week! After the initial firing (called bisque firing), the trophy was carefully and meticulously hand glazed by an artisan using a bulb syringe," the blog read.


"The result: the ultra-contemporary design which plays with the brightly colored Volvik dots in a way that only Motawi can do."