Racing through mud baths, climbing obstacles, and a mud slide for a good cause.

It goes back to childhood when cross-country was on the

farm and everyone got muddy and dirty -- we absolutely loved every minute.Janiene CrawfordArahoe Mud RunWhat: Mud and obstacle course

When: Tomorrow

Where: Arahoe School, Auckland


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It's a time of year dreaded by many school principals: hallways are awash with mud and, despite best efforts, some tracks its way into classrooms. Not so Arahoe Primary School principal Richard Limbrick -- he can't get enough of the sticky brown stuff.

Limbrick is a man who thinks outside the box. When an organising committee of parents suggested staging a mud run and obstacle course within the West Auckland school's grounds, he responded: "Sure, bring in the diggers."

"In the education sector, we talk about modern and flexible learning environments and this doesn't just apply to the classroom. We apply it to the grounds of our school as well.

"Last year, the kids created a cross-country track for unicycles as part of their training for Bike the Bridge. Some of the mud run obstacles are semi-permanent and the kids use them all year round."

Lactic Turkey Events director Shaun Collins leapt at the chance to create a lap course with mud baths, climbing obstacles and a mud slide. Limbrick was delighted.

"This is about providing bold challenge for kids. The mud run is a bold idea with great organisation that draws people to our community and reinforces the school's place in it."

The event is a great experience within reach of ordinary families. Age-based starts over the lap course relieve congestion and under-fives can take part accompanied by a non-paying parent. Funds raised contribute to the school's Project Outdoors.

Janiene Crawford is returning to the Arahoe Mud Run for the second year, bringing a large contingent of parents and children.

Crawford is excited about the addition of the interschools challenge and the chance to win a Rocket Events fun team-building session.

"The interschools challenge is not about who comes first, it's about team spirit. The kids from each school dress up and perform a team chant. It is such a fun day -- and it doesn't matter if it's raining.

"It goes back to childhood when cross-country was on the farm and everyone got muddy and dirty -- we absolutely loved every minute. The fire truck hoses everyone down at the end and we go and have hot chocolate. This year, there is street food."

Limbrick is proud of the project and encourages schools to reconsider traditional fundraising initiatives.

"Mess can be cleaned up, grounds repaired. The disruption is minimal -- and hopefully we will have rain tomorrow night to wash away the last of the mud. At the end of the day, kids need a challenge. The Arahoe Mud Run is just good fun."