UFC fans - especially Nate Diaz supporters - are torching Conor McGregor over his latest social media claim, after some embarrassing footage from his UFC 196 loss was unearthed.

McGregor posted a picture of him working the pads during boxing training, captioned: "Working the rear hand uppercut with Roddy prior to UFC 196. A shot I called pre fight. Who else can call a shot like the rear hand uppercut on a big 6 foot lurch and then go out and dig that baby repeatedly into the nose? Anyone? Didn't think so. Mark my f***ing words I am going to toy with him in the rematch. Believe that."

While McGregor did have some success with the punch, a gif has been doing the rounds that shows "The Notorious" was also brought badly undone by one such attempted blow:

McGregor had his hands low and was about to launch an uppercut when Diaz dropped a devastating left, straight on the Irish megastar's jaw.


The blow was the beginning of the end for McGregor, who was badly rattled and lost by submission in the same round.

McGregor was trashed over the gif on a long Reddit thread (here - NSFW), on the gif itself and also on Twitter: