While the "Running Man" challenge kicked off by New Zealand police goes global, some of our Aussie neighbours are feeling glum about being left out.

The Kiwi cops laid down the gauntlet to almost every police jurisdiction in Australia - but forgot to include Northern Territory.

In response, Northern Territory police today posted a brooding video featuring the Moving Pictures song What About Me.

The video shows a Northern Territory officer watching the Kiwi police video on his phone, followed by moody shots of dejected officers walking glumly and staring off into the distance.


Their hurt was also palpable in a message accompanying the video: "Hey NZ Police Recruitment did you forget us when challenging every jurisdiction in Australia (and the world) to the #runningmanchallenge? #whataboutus #NTpolice."

But they might not be left out for long, with NT police hinting they may join in the Running Man action - their video ends with the message: "To be continued ... "